V2X is the connected cars of the future

  • Autonomous cars not only know what is going on within their own systems but also have increasing awareness to see through the obstacles around corners and beyond to make decisions.

  • By using V2I technology (Vehicle to Infrastructure), connected cars will heavily depend on 4G/5G mobile networks to learn about surroundings. For example; with 3GPP Release 14, the evolution of cellular vehicle communication took a significant step forward. These standards are on newly developed to direct Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2X) communication.

    Some of the use cases for V2X (Vehicle to everything) are as below,

  • V2V Communicate directly with other cars and share their current position and critical alerts in event of accidents.

  • V2I enables communication between cars and road infrastructure. For example, cars lights and traffic lights can communicate to avoid traffic jams.

  • V2I enables communication between vehicle and driver’s smart home. The smart home can turn on heating before car arrival. Saving energy costs.

  • Off street parking information about availability.

  • Road works warning.

  • Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory

  • Hazardous notifications


    5G is vital to the “data pipeline” for connected cars and following are some of the standards for autonomous

  • Ultra-high reliability >99.999%

  • Latency 5ms

  • Data rate Upload: 25Mbps, Download: 1Mbps

  • Coverage up to 1000m.