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  • Transform Your Android Smart Phone into 4G/5G mobile network testing/survey tool by installing RantCell
  • Impress your customers with PDF drive test or inbuilding reports
  • Test your 4G/5G networks faster with Automation
  • Save time, there is no post processing efforts

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    RantCell Sample Reports and Videos
    Sample Drive test report using RantCell Android app   Download  
    Sample SSV report using RantCell Android app   Download  
    5G Test Report   Download  
    Automated PDF Sample Reports for indoor walk test   Download  
    RantCell Crowdsource Benchmarking Report   Download  
    RantCell automation features Document   Download  
    RantCell for Regulators Product Document   Download  
    Drive Test Benchmarking Report performed by RantCell App   Download  
    Technical Datasheet of KPI parameters measured by RantCell   Download  
    List of Supported Devices   Click here  

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