QoE Drive Testing

  • Today, MNO's are primarily relying on user experience KPI's from drive testing to benchmark user QoE on their mobile network. Costs associated with drive testing are significantly high due to resources and leading drive test tools in market which are quite expensive. Majority of solutions is not suitable for mass deployment to get larger geo graphical footprint of mobile network. Across the globe, operators and vendors are looking for cost effective solutions to reduce reliance on leading RF drive test tools and strategies drive testing with more cost-effective solution to reduce overall equipment and resources costing.

  • RantCell introduces active RF tester app for 4G,3G,2G drive testing and is compatible on majority of the Android smart phones which can be deployed on single or hundreds of Android based smart phone’s for mass drive testing to create crowd sourced QoE data.

  • Our app can trigger voice, ping, data, SMS, video streaming test and measure all the key user experience KPI's along with RF drive test parameters measurement enriched with GPS data on cellular network as shown below. Moreover, customers do not have to invest in post processing RF optimization tools.

  • RantCell App integrated with RantCell cloud-based server software to post process thousands of test data and enable MNO's, and vendors to perform drive test analysis and evaluate user QoE analysis (Quality of Experience) on their cellular network. Ability of platform to generate reports, For Example VoLTE KPI report.

rf drive test tools
    Network 2G, 3G and 4G Drive Test Parameters (Non-Rooted) Rooted Device Parameters (Available on selected devices, please contact us for more information)
    2G GSM Drive Test Parameters Operator name, Data connectivity type (no data, GPRS & EDGE) MCC, MNC, CID, LAC, RSSI, GPS, Network type Reg status, RAT, Band, BCCH arfcn, Rx Lvl, TCH Rx Lvl, Rx W, NOM, RAC, Timing advance, Tx_Pwr, Freq Hopping Status, Voice codec (VC), RX SE (IN), RX SE (OUT), TX SE (IN), TX SE (OUT), RB(DL/UL).
    3G Drive Test Parameters Operator name, MCC, MNC, Data connectivity type (no data, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA and HSPA+), CID, LAC, RSCP/RSSI, PSC, RNC ID, APN (on some devices), Network type ARFCN, EC/IO, RSCP_CPICH, RAC, RRC, RSSI/TX, BAND, SIB19, RB(DL/UL), MAX RB (DL/UL)
    4G LTE Drive Test Parameters Operator name, MCC, MNC, Data connectivity type (no data, LTE), eNB ID,CID, RSRP, RSRQ, PCI, LCID, TAC, VoLTE Supported, APN (on some devices), Network type Band, BW, DL & UL frequency, MIMI Mode/MIMO RI, Serving Cell ID, SINR, RRC, Tx Pwr, Ant RSRP Diff, Scell RSRP diff, CA, SC_NUM (n), Band, BW, (Sn) DL, (Sn) TM, SINR, Voice code (VC), RX SE,, TX SE (IN), TX SE(OUT), RB(DL/UL), Max RB(DL/UL)
    KPI's Measured CSSR, CSR, CDR, Highest UL&DL throughput, Lowest UL&DL throughput, Average UL&DL throughput, Peak UL&DL throughput, Call setup time, IRAT, CSFB and SRVCC KPI and Cell Availability and Network Availability KPI etc.

Advantages of RantCell solution over traditional drive testing

  • Active test crowd sourcing. Supports GSM test, 3G and 4G networks testing.

  • Real time upload of QoE test data, no additional investment required to post process the test data to visualize data and generate reports.

  • Not just rely on planned drive testing but also leverage on staff movements by automatically collecting data by deploying solution on technical and non-technical staff smart phones who are constantly on move nationally. (Ex sales team , BTS maintenance team etc)

  • Deploying on commuter vehicles for example taxis, or company logistical vehicles etc. RantCell automated scripts collect QoE data 24/7 from drive’s devices or MNO installed smart phone on vehicles.

  • Remote network QoE, QoS data collection from customer device example LTE signal level, serving cell ID to troubleshoot network issue faced by customer.

  • Less data intensive when compared to leading drive test tools.

  • Highly scalable solution small deployments to huge mass drive testing scenarios.

  • Supports location-based query not just date and time. For example to identify areas with 4G drive test.

  • Generate reports, example coverage map comparison between carriers.

Disadvantages of traditional drive testing

  • Requires hiring sprialized drive testing resources and drive testing tools which are generally complex to setup.

  • Requires post-processing tool, investment needed on both post processing tools and measurement software.

  • Location based query is not supported in majority of the RF optimisation tools.

  • Real time upload of data is not supported.

  • Huge volume of data needs to be uploaded to post processing tools, too long process steps needs to be performed before reaching analysis phase.

Strategies of drive testing by mass deployment of RantCell App

Step 1


Step 2


Rantcell sample drive test that shows network coverage