RantCell Crowd Sourcing and Mobile Analytics Software Solution

Why crowdsource solutions are on the rise for mobile networks?

Bulk drive testing with the traditional method is time-consuming and expensive. There is a need for the minimization of the RF drive test, and here comes Crowdsource solution. Many Mobile operators, telecom regulators and large enterprises who have their own 4G/5G networks are choosing crowd source solutions to monitor end-user experience on the network, which has the following benefits.

  • Helps in reducing field-testing costs.

  • Strategies traditional drive testing where it matters the most.

  • Identify issues at the national level and find which clusters (ex: city, state) have poor and better network coverage. Also, enable a proactive approach to improving network experiences.

  • The ability to gather other competitors' network data could be used as a data source for marketing insights for upselling opportunities.

  • RantCell, a smart mobile analytics tool and a mobile data analytics tool where data is sourced from Android or iOS smartphones. Provides mobile network insights via web-based mobile network analytics on the dashboard.

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Why RantCell crowdsourcing for 4G/5G mobile networks?


Your own data

Build your own long-term crowd-sourced data on network QoE data such as mobile network coverage, internet data connectivity, and radio access network technology with geo-location information. Get a higher network visibility footprint from the end-user perspective and a proactive approach to fixing network issues.

Is it Indoor or outdoor?

  • Our algorithm can identify if the measurement data point from UE is indoor or outdoor with 90% accuracy.

  • 70% of user traffic is generated indoors, RantCell Crowd Metrix supports indoor and outdoor mobile analytics platforms enabling MNOs to better understand user coverage issues and provide solutions to improve user experience indoors.

Get more out of your apps

  • Build crowdsourced data rapidly with RantCell, plus integrate measurement capabilities to existing apps via RantCell SDK.

  • Provides best mobile network data analytics on the web-based interface on QoE of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi networks and can process the data for a small to a large crowd.

Data quality test

  • Resilient Data accuracy and data quality check before ingesting raw measurement data into the system. This enables the system to identify network failures and poor performance with high accuracy with high data reliance.

GDPR compliance

RantCell is GDPR Compliant which means RantCell maintains user privacy and security on data protection requirements. As far as personal data is concerned, RantCell’s SDK (software development kit) collects the information with the consent of users by maintaining data privacy as RantCell is GDPR compliant. Following are the type of data collected by SDKs.

  • RantCell is engaged in processing location data in a nameless form just to combine network performance on a map and to deliver the report (network coverage in each specific area) to the telcos. This help MNOs to maintain the stable network in the required areas where the development of better network coverage is utmost.

  • RantCell does not collect any sensitive personal information or persistent identifiers. RantCell has stepped forward both commercially and technically to ensure that our datasets never identify such individuals and are used by RantCell, our partners, or customers for such a purpose. In the interest of transparency, we collect the data. For more details, please see our Privacy Statement.