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RantCell's iPerf stands out as an essential tool in the telecom industry, providing telecom professionals with a streamlined and powerful solution for efficient network evaluation. With a straightforward command-line interface, it enables precise measurement of bandwidth, ensuring that users receive the promised internet iPerf speed test. Tailored for professionals in the telecom sector, RantCell's iPerf facilitates seamless deployment of network-dependent applications and robust troubleshooting for identifying and resolving issues promptly. Additionally, its stress testing capabilities allow professionals to push their networks to their limits, assessing resilience comprehensively. By optimizing for the telecom industry, RantCell's iPerf contributes to enhanced network stability, making it a reliable choice for telecom professionals seeking a user-friendly yet effective tool for network measurement, troubleshooting, and optimization.

RantCell Iperm features

How RantCell Aligns with iPerf

In RantCell, we've introduced iPerf bandwidth test details on 4G/5G networks using either TCP test modes or UDP modes. It's as simple as sending traffic from one host to another, and RantCell automates this process using RantCell Pro App and control via dashboard for remote testing. You can also carry out iPerf tests within a building by loading the floorplan and conducting a walk or drive test with this RantCell features, which comes as a package in Android phones.

Scalability is key, whether testing a 1GB, 10GB, or 100GB network, RantCell ensures accurate and scalable results for telecom professionals.

RantCell Iperm features

Key Features:

  • Remote Testing: RantCell's iPerf solution allows users to configure and run tests remotely.

  • Network Compatibility: iPerf in RantCell works on both mobile networks and Wi-Fi, offering flexibility.

  • Comprehensive Metrics: Besides measuring TCP bandwidth throughput and UDP throughput, RantCell's app tracks metrics such as network jitter, packet loss, file transfer data, bit rate, and more.

  • No Setup Hassle: RantCell's iPerf solution comes pre-packaged in Android phones, eliminating the need for a global iPerf setup effort.

  • Evaluating and optimizing your network speed test performance has never been more user- friendly with RantCell's iPerf solution.

Following Test configuration allowed by RantCell

  • - b-bandwidth: Set target bandwidth to N bits/sec (default 1 Mbit/sec for UDP).

  • - t-transmission: the time in seconds to transmit for. iPerf normally works by repeatedly sending

What is iPerf?

iPerf is a straightforward command-line tool that actively tests your network performance, giving you accurate results on your maximum achievable bandwidth for TCP/IP networks. Compared to other speed test providers, iPerf stands out with more definitive test results. It supports various protocols and parameters, making it perfect for performance testing and benchmarking network devices. You can even stress test your network using the iPerf UDP test protocol.

How to use iPerf to test Internet speed?

iPerf uses a simple client/server setup with server testing functionality that allows for the evaluation of server performance, providing valuable data for optimizing server configurations within a network. Install iPerf on both machines you want to test. The server waits to receive data on an assigned port, while the client establishes a connection and transfers data. This process helps determine the bandwidth between the two nodes, providing detailed insights into your network speed.

In case of RantCell platform we have installed iPerf servers across the globe which will be available to RantCell platform subscribers.

In the changing landscape of network capacities, RantCell's iPerf seamlessly adapts to varying scales, ensuring accuracy and scalability for 1GB, 10GB, or 100GB tests, catering to diverse telecom professional needs.

iPerf employs a bidirectional approach for a nuanced understanding of network capabilities, conducts continuous testing for proactive performance monitoring, excels in file transfer efficiency assessments, and addresses network quality with jitter and latency testing features. From prolonged assessments to loopback tests, iPerf offers comprehensive insights.

Its multicast testing capabilities optimize efficiency, while packet loss testing enhances data integrity. With a core focus on performance testing, iPerf evaluates speed, bandwidth, and more.

Specialized features include ping tests, server testing, stress testing, and detailed TCP bandwidth analysis. iPerf extends its capabilities to wireless networks, offering dedicated WIFI and wireless testing features. Load testing evaluates network performance under heavy usage, and Quality of Service (QoS) testing fine-tunes parameters for an optimal user experience.

RantCell's iPerf solution, an all-encompassing tester, eliminates the need for additional tools, providing telecom professionals with a streamlined approach to network optimization, including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) testing features.