Auto call software to monitor customer care phone lines

  • Does your business have 100's of phone lines where your customers try to reach you, and do you need phone line for monitoring software to ensure service is available on 100% of the time.

  • Are you sure if all your customer contact centre monitoring software having accurate KPIs on availability of phone lines, do you want to test the availability contact centre numbers from real user perspective? Are your sure of not missing on any service call for your customers?

  • If so, why not use RantCell Pro App which is compatible on Android smart phone - saves time, improve efficiency! Use RantCell auto call software.

  • Assured automated solution to validate more than 100's of numbers availability through our system 24/7.

Auto Call Answer

Test hundreds of numbers in no time with auto call software

  • Short number service – Toll free numbers, customer care numbers and unique virtual numbers.

  • Execute multiple call tests on single / multiple devices (via GSM dialler software app), trigger call test in sequences with more than hundreds of B party numbers.

  • Autonomous monitoring and availability of customer contact centre numbers and active alerts (Alarms) when customers are unable to reach service numbers using auto call software.

  • Monitor and analyse availability of each numbers of contact centres so that your customers are able reach anytime.

  • Increase your customer contact centre number availability.

  • Get active alarm notification whenever there is interruption in customer contact centre numbers.

  • Generate reports on availability of customer contact centre number and improve service availability.

Our solution can also be used as

  • IVR automation testing tool

  • IVR performance testing tool

  • IVR load testing tool