Challenges faced by Network Carriers amidst COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns across the globe

  • In the United Kingdom, since the day after the British prime minister announced people to avoid workspaces, most of the organisations in UK have opted for remote working for their employees. Since after the public announcement, there has been up to 30% increase in internet traffic on mobile networks in UK as greater number of people working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic. There also has been network outages since the public announcement from British prime minister.

  • Complaints poured in from people and businesses about network issues such as unable to make voice calls and internet connectivity issues. This scenario is not just in United Kingdom, but also on other parts of the world which are hit by pandemic.

Challenges faced by Network Carriers amidst COVID-19

    Following are some of the current challenges faced by network carriers-

    Challenges faced by Network Carriers amidst COVID-19

    RantCell is now offering following solutions to mitigate some of the above issues faced by network carriers and vendors during this extraordinary situation

  • Self-service style registration of network complaints related to services on 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi networks along with technical data logs related to network via RantCell Lite app from subscriber mobile device. This data provides accurate measurement information of network QoE at subscriber location which is enough to perform RCA for technical staff such Radio Optimisation teams. Solution also enables improved communication between network provider and subscriber by active notification on tracking complaint status and resolution. Eventually leads to swift response to customer issues during these difficult times by service provider and improves customer loyalty towards network provider.

  • Self-service style registration of network complaints on 4G,3G, Wi-Fi networks customer-complaints
  • Field test staff or operations team can now remotely collect network measurements and QoE on 4G, 3G or Wi-Fi as at customer location from comfort of their home. Analyse and provide resolution remotely without having to visit customer site. Reduces Covid-19 related risks involved for field test staff by completely avoiding travel to customer sites.

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  • Deploy RantCell enabled test devices to continuously monitor QoE 24/7 on critical locations such as hospitals and other public services organisations without having to be on premise.

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  • Small to large RantCell solution requirements can be deployed anywhere in world in matter of hours with 100% zero touch installation.

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  • RantCell app works on any Android device, reuse your existing farm of devices without having to purchase test phones.

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  • Highly competitive pricing starting from $80/month subscription plans to dedicated solutions for large network carriers from 6 month to year terms. Click here for more information. Contact us at

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