Crowd Sourcing Platform for Regulators

Regulators are in charge of ensuring that mobile operators adhere to terms of their licenses.  Among the obligations included in the licenses, are standards for coverage, quality of service and quality of experience for voice calls and data transmission. Generally, regulators need current monitoring tools that require running field-tests by specialized personnel and equipment or relying on operators' data and reports.

As an example, mobile operators provide regulators with simulations of their coverage throughout the country and basic quality parameters, by frequencies and cellular technologies such as 2G, 3G and 4G.  These simulations do not necessarily reflect the actual coverage nor the quality of experience of the users.  Plus, its practically impossible for telecom regulator to perform, example, 4G LTE drive test entire geography to get perception of national level network coverage for every operator in the country due to cost involved and technical skilled personnels required to perform such herculean tasks. These type of QoE measurements need to be carried out frequently as mobile networks are evolving and so are demands from mobile network consumers that keeps changing.

Processing of network performance KPI’s from every operator will require complex integration which leads to heavy investment on OSS solutions and maintenance costs.

In order to address these challenges, RantCell has come up with Crowdsourcing platform with crowdsourcing mobile testing, where in regulators can strengthen their supervision & monitoring capabilities, in particular by introducing an application that can be installed on end users' cellular handsets/end devices, and collect more reliable information regarding the quality of the service and network coverage map while keeping the user’s privacy.

Benefits of Crowd Sourcing Solution


  • Enables Telecom Regulators to monitor multiple operators' network and build their own performance data thus reducing reliance on data from operator.

  • Regulator owns user experience performance data and compares with performance data provided by carrier.

  • Reduces reliance on coverage prediction tools, Mass deploy measurement app or SDK to large crowd to build network coverage map footprints based real measurement received from consumer devices.

  • Evaluates which operator is performing better in terms of data and voice both in rural and urban locations at national level.

  • Reduces significant operational costs by crowdsourcing testing over a large geographical area. Strategies RF drive testing only to locations where problems or complaints persists.

  • Enforces mobile carriers to improve network services and continuous monitoring.

Download RantCell for Regulators Product Document


With our RantCell crowdsourcing platform, regulators can achieve above objectives. Some of the technical features are as below:

  • Multi operator QoE data collection from consumer devices with active and passive measurement capabilities on 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks.

  • Cloud-based platform, fast deployment with no data centre needed from Telecom Regulator.

  • Own the solution either by early subscription model or by CAPEX model.

  • Multiple strategies are available to fast deploy app in mass scale to Crowd (Mobile subscribers).

  • Web-based dashboard interfaces to Regulator staff with user management capabilities.

  • National level QoE reporting capabilities from cluster level to city, towns, down to square grid level granularity.

  • Ingest Cell tower location information into the platform.

  • Generate coverage, data performance, latency etc. comparison reports between multiple carriers.

  • Deploy RantCell probes in multiple locations where it matters and monitor networks in real time 24/7, and get alerts when performance degrades for voice and data.

  • Receive network related complaints directly from mobile subscriber via network logs attached to it.