Do you receive a lot of complaints from your Distributed antenna system deployments regarding the end user experience, does your system monitor QoE on DAS 24/7?

  • Transform any Android smartphone into mobile network testing tools to identify primary user experience (QoE) issues such as zones with no network coverage, dropped calls, low data speeds, poor video user experience and high latency etc.

  • Perform Voice call, SMS, upload and download speed tests, HTTP, cell availability, video streaming using RantCell app and get KPIs reports. For example; 4G LTE speed test, VoLTE test, CSFB, SRVCC KPIs. For data sheet on KPIs and Network parameters measured.

  • Get larger foot print of cellular network with mass deployment of RantCell app and perform post analysis through web-based dashboard with rich graphical and mobile network QoE Maps mobile network coverage map.

Distributed antenna system complaints

    Does your business provide coverage to multi storey building, large shopping complex, or Indoor coverage to enterprises in many locations around the country?

  • DAS that uses an off-air signal utilizes a donor antenna on the roof to receive and transmit the signal from cell carriers. However, such DAS systems do not have ability to monitor end user experience KPIs for voice and data service. Such degradation scenarios go un-noticed resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

    Are you faced with these scenarios?

  • Do you often receive complaints from your customers on having poor signal, not being able to make calls or slow internet speed?

  • Is this leading you to spend a lot of time, money, and resources on customer site visits to resolve these issues?

  • Are your customers satisfied with network coverage provided by your DAS system maintain continuous call in indoor premises without any call drop?

  • Does your DAS solution meet capacity requirement during peak hours?

  • Has your DAS deployment giving better indoor user experience while compared against macro cellular network?

  • What if you could monitor end user QoE 24/7 and receive alerts whenever services degrade from your distributed antenna system sites? Then, you could also trigger on demand tests remotely and measure QoE/QoS in real-time to check if services are improving when optimisation steps are applied.

    With our solution enable proactive approach to monitor user experience or to resolve your customer’s issues remotely without having to spend a time on customer site visits and significantly reduce costs.