Drive Test and Network Optimization

  • Convert any Android smart phone to benchmark 2G, 3G, 4G networks with drive routes and data points on map with detailed information about measured mobile network parameters from end user perspective. Drive test data measurement includes User KPIs for data, voice and VoLTE services along with network coverage with base station information with accurate location information.

  • Mass deployable to field test fleet, staff and to customers and reduce the risk of deploying a person to place.

  • Portable and can be downloaded from play store and supported on majority of the Android devices.

  • RantCell server supports 500+ devices with RantCell Pro and post analysis capability with support for crowd sourcing.

  • Reduces costs on recurring purchases of RAN measurement terminals and field testing costs significantly.

Network drive testing tools
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Network Measurements and KPIs

  • 2G Network KPIs: Operator Name, MNC, MCC, Data Connectivity Type (no data, GPRS & EDGE),CID,LAC,RSSI,GPS,ISP,APN (On selected devices).

  • 3G Network KPIs: Operator Name, MNC, MCC, Data Connectivity Type (no data, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA and HSPA+),CID ,LAC ,RSCP,GPS ,ISP ,PSC,RNCID ,APN (On selected devices).

  • 4G Network KPIs: Operator Name, MNC ,MCC, Data Connectivity Type (no data and LTE),VoLTE Supported, eNbid, ECID, LCiD (Local Cell ID) ,TAC ,PCI ,RSRQ ,RSRP ,GPS ,ISP ,APN (On selected devices).

Drive Testing QoE Reports based on 2G,3G,4G

  • GPS capture.

  • Capture of signal levels and RAN data (LTE, EDGE, UMTS) technology type while drive testing.

  • Percentage calculation of RAN technology type (LTE, EDGE, UMTS) used while doing drive testing.

  • Percentage indicator of signal levels experienced during drive testing.

  • Geographical areas where no signals reported.

  • Geographical areas where low data connectivity reported.

  • Geographical areas where no data connectivity reported.

  • Geographical areas where call drops are reported.

  • Identification of no data connectivity areas.