In today’s world, mobile phone users no longer support their dependability only on brands or prices, rather depend on their loyalty based on the Quality of Experience (QoE), and Quality of Service (QoS) - most importantly a level of satisfaction instead. Therefore, telecommunication players such as telecom operators are concentrating more on customer service as well as customer satisfaction, thereby providing their customers a seamless experience with excellent network connectivity.

It’s hard for any organization to break out from traditional methods and adopt to new methods. With the vision revolutionizes the network testing industry with its easy-to-use solutions, RantCell experienced tech team has developed the application with innovative and effective network testing capabilities, which has led to many of the leading Regulators, Operators, and Network solution providers opting RantCell as their preferred choice for their network testing needs.

Here are some of those top use cases commonly used by our customers across the globe.

1. Multi-location:-

If you are a mobile operator (carrier), MVNO, Telecom vendor, or Enterprise, multi-location RF testing always cause logistical challenges and cost. With RantCell, these challenges can be avoided by simply deploying the RantCell app to smartphones of staff or customers who are across multi countries or multiple locations within the same country who will be able to perform tests on a wide range of networks 4G/5G, Wi-Fi, etc., and test data centrally available for analysis.

The advantage of using such a tool is that it can be deployed anywhere and to anyone resulting in long-term cost savings and quicker analysis of QoE. This will help RF engineers to analyse the data without even visiting different-different locations and give them accurate solutions in terms of their 4G/5G coverage, network speed, capacity, etc.

2. Time Saving:-

Performing network testing through the traditional method is very time-consuming because it consists of a lengthy process to complete the test. This technique is a process of something mentioned below:


So, to save your time, RantCell is an excellent option to choose from. With such a tool, continuous tests can be performed, and as a result, users will be more productive, working whenever, wherever, and however, they need to. Get a look at the process given below to know about why the non-traditional method with RantCell is time-saving:

With RantCell, our customers are benefitted from a shorter process and therefore take a shorter time identifying network issues and RCA. Please find the RantCell process flow as below.


Some of the important features include-

  • Easy to install and convenient to use
  • With RantCell, data is uploaded in cloud
  • Professional test report can be generated by a single click
  • Highly scalable

3. Benefit of Automation:-

Automation features are inherent in the RantCell solution with any level of purchase. Many of our customers are using RantCell automation, i.e., continuous test feature, which is automated tests based on user-specified intervals (15min, 30min, etc.) on any selected network and performed indefinitely. With the RantCell RAN automation, the continuous test can be done, which is automated tests based on user-specified intervals (15min, 30min, etc.) on any selected network and performed indefinitely.

  • Continuous benchmarking of network performance, for example- measurement of data throughputs, latency, voice calls every 30mins on network from various locations where test phones are deployed.
  • Alarm notifications when QoE degrade, for example, throughput going below certain thresholds.
  • New IBS solutions or site verifications with continuous tests, helping customers to evaluate QoE KPI trends over a long period of time.
  • Automation is used for monitoring IBS deployments, carrier labs setup for regression testing, Open Ran rural deployments, 5G performance monitoring, private network, and sales purposes.

4. Costing:-

In recent years, we have seen an enormous increase of customers opting for the RantCell solution from small, medium and large-scale companies. This is mainly due to the app is economically priced, which helps them optimise their network testing budget and also facilitates companies to function efficiently by reducing their operational costs.

These are the main reasons why Regulators, Operators and other service providers are moving towards solutions such as RantCell, which fulfil their testing needs without having a major impact on their budget. We have seen increased adoptions from broadband providers who integrate networks for rural areas, IBS solutions providers, large enterprises with private networks, small cell or site infrastructure businesses, regulators and MNOs.