RantCell use case for 5G private networks

    CI/CD automation is a technique in telecom, stated as continuous integration and continuous deployment – used to deliver apps often to customers with the introduction of automation, which applies into the stages of app development. Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) represent operating principles that the app development team uses to deliver code changes more frequently and reliably. CI/CD automation on 5G allows software development teams to meet business requirements while ensuring code quality and software security.

    CI/CD framework is useful for the telecom industry's digital value chain in terms of automated development, delivery, and deployment of software. Some of the factors that complement the concept of CI and CD are continuous delivery, continuous integration, and continuous deployment. CI/CD is the keystone of the telecom transformation as the 5G rollout software update and delivery processes for new software versions and services can be automated with CI/CD. This will benefit the MNOs in terms of code quality, and rapid bug fixes. Further, it ensures that MNOs can build the right thing for their users and improve the entire software development process.

    benefits :

    • The concept of continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) allows MNOs to update software promptly and effectively.

    • Setup time for the test environment is reduced.

    • Improved agility and less time-to-market by curbing the release cycle.

    • Time required for the production release certificate gets reduced.

    • Curbs time required for the automated data deployment process.

    • Streamlining test cycles and automating the provisioning of the environment with one-click deployment.

    • In addition, CI and CD ensure an ongoing flow of new features and bug fixes via the delivery method.

    • Operating environments are more stable.

    • Get more time to innovate rather than spending time on maintenance and fixing issues.

    • Automation leading to an enhanced security scan.

    5G MNO and private networks play a pivotal role in CI/CD automation because the network can serve numerous use cases due to its low-latency connectivity and secured network. So, when the importance of private 5G is rising, especially in the continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) phase, network testing and monitoring are essential just to maintain a robust network 5G/4G coverage and guaranteed QoE on the specified network. For this, you can use RantCell as a network measurement tester, which is convenient to use, cost-effective in price, and accessible remotely. Try it today!