• Remote real time monitoring of VIP 3G/4G Base station or high value customer locations 24/7
    • 1. Setup permanent RTP (Remote test point, with smart phones) setup in high value customer’s locations such as VIP sites (3G and 4G sites). Monitor in excess of 1000 such locations.
    • 2. Get real time alarms or service degradation on voice and data.
    • 3. Call service failure such as call setup failure, dropped calls and CSFB failures can be detected in real-time.
    • 4. Real-time alerts on data throughputs degradation upon below defined threshold limit.
    • 5. Sleeping cells scenarios.
    • 6. No data scenarios.
    • 7. Enables operations team to receive real time service degradation alarms compared to PM OSS Data which likely to have latency. Also enables the operations team to perform on demand data and voice testing once the diagnostic actions are performed on site.

    vip monitor
  • Strategies your friendly user trials on 3G,4G and 5G networks and monitor KPIs from 1000+ user devices. (For Ex: Rural 3G/4G deployments and small cells deployment)
    • 1.Example of rural 3G/4G deployments trials validation.
    • 2.Small cells/DAS deployment validations with friendly users.
    • 3.5G CPE Wi-Fi hotspot deployment validation with friendly users.
    • 4.Remotely run on demand tests on friendly user devices and monitor QoE KPIs.
    • 5.Generate real test traffic on by scheduling concurrent test on friendly user devices using RantCell admin panel.
    • 6.Analyse crowd sourced information network in real time on RantCell dashboard panel and analyse Quality of Experience(QoE) KPI's such data throughputs, CSSR and coverage measurements etc.
    • 7.Identify network issues during trial fix and re-validate improvements by running tests on network using friendly user’s devices.
    • 8.Significantly reduce field trial costs by not having to visit field trials.

    • user trail