Stay ahead of the game

Get real perception of user experience into your cellular network , identify issues and improve services. Get larger foot print of your mobile network with an army of testers with our cheapest solution. Compare your services with competitors, analyse in real time , track your drive testing , crowd source and much more

Identify primary network issues on 2G,3G,4G LTE and CDMA networks

Transform Android smart phone to mobile network testing tool ,Identify primary user experience issues such as zones with no coverage , dropped calls , low data speeds , high latency etc

Perform post analysis powerful web based dashboard with rich graphs, interactive maps. Supported on Google Chrome , Edge and firefox browsers

Drive Testing

RantCell Pro app is capable of geo tagging the network coverage,network parameters, data speeds , call drops by drive or walk tests. Analyse results instantly on RantCell cloud server in interactive map UI

Share results instantly to stake holders unique secured URL or share it on social media. Click here to view drive testing sample

Remote Test

This is an awesome RantCell cloud feature which allows the users to run mobile network tests on unattended Android smart phones with RantCell Pro app installed. For example the Android smart phones can be wall mounted securely on an prime locations of network issues such as shopping mall , remote tell towers, crowded places run tests to monitor the quality of service from RantCell dashboard during busy hours thus avoiding site visits. Click here for more information

Remote Test

Live Tracking

RantCell Pro app supports the live tracking of Android smart phone which are performing tests on mobile network on interactive maps UI and get the network measurement reports instantly presented on the dashboard on RantCell cloud server. For example the field testing or drive testing can be centrally tracked and managed from the RantCell dashboard user. Click here for more information

Load generator

Load the network with repetitive voice and data calls from multiple Android phones. Manage, schedule and analyse tests up to 5 devices (or more) from each RantCell cloud account. Analyse results in real time

Compare Operators performance with click of a button

Tests performed over two or more operators can be loaded analysed instantly to get detailed statistics comparison. Click here for further information