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Get real perception of user experience into your cellular network, identify issues and improve services. Get larger foot print of your mobile network with an army of testers with our cheapest solution. Compare your services with competitors, analyse in real time, track your drive testing, crowd source and much more

    Identification of primary network issues on 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and CDMA mobile network test

  • Transform your Android smart phone into mobile network testing tool. Identifies primary user experience issues such as zones with no network coverage, dropped calls, low data speeds and high latency etc.

  • Perform post analysis through web based dashboard with rich graphs presentations and interactive maps.

2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and CDMA networks testing

    Mobile network drive test tool / Network survey with QoS and QoE measurements

  • Convert your Android smart phone to benchmark 2G, 3G and 4G networks with drive routes and data points on map with detailed information about measured mobile network parameters from end user perspective. Drive test data measurement includes User KPIs for data, voice calls and VoLTE services along with network coverage with base station information and accurate location.

  • Mass deployable to field test fleet, staff and to customers. Also, reduce the risk of deploying a person to place.

  • Portable and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. And RantCell supported on majority of the Android devices.

  • RantCell supports more than 500+ devices with RantCell Pro and post analysis capability with support for crowd sourcing.

  • RantCell reduces costs on recurring purchases of RAN measurement terminals and field testing costs significantly.

Remote Test

RantCell cloud feature allows the users to run mobile network tests on unattended Android smart phones with RantCell Pro app installed. For example Android smart phones can be wall mounted securely on an prime locations of network issues such as shopping mall, remote Cell towers, crowded places and run tests from RantCell dashboard to monitor the quality of service during busy hours thus avoiding site visits. On demand or scheduled tests are possible. Contact us for more information

    QoE measurements Supports following User experience KPIs

  • Measurement of signal strength on 2G, 3G and 4G, upload and download speed of the network.

  • Measurement of latency and dropped packets.

  • Measurement of call setup time, dropped calls and call success rate.

  • CSFB, SRVCC, Call drops and VoLTE related KPIs.

  • Data rate and peak data rates on HTTP and FTP tests.

  • SMS success rate

  • Network quality comparison based on the Geo samples of the network.

Signal strength Measurement

    2G, 3G and 4G cell site survey

  • Perform on demand tests on cell sites to validate voice call services and data services on site or remotely.

Network cell site survey

    Remote resolution to customers network complaints

  • Deploy RantCell app to customer device, collect QoS/QoE measurement remotely from customer device.

  • Diagnose issue remotely and run post checks.

  • Act fast on customer complaints and reduce churn.

  • Reduce site visits by 70% and strategies site visits.

    Does your business depend on mobile network connectivity? and want to choose best network provider in your town or area?

  • Survey multiple mobile network carriers and generate automated reports to identify best service providing network within the specified geographic area example, business parks, busy shopping area, town or service on busy commuting rail or other transport routes.

Mobile network connectivity

    Mass events QoE benchmarking

  • Poor QoS/QoE or no service during crowded events means that large number of network users are unable to access to data services or voice services, which is in turn loss of revenue to mobile carriers as airtime and data are not consumed. Cell level KPIs cannot provide network service perceived by network subscriber, RantCell solution can provide detailed insight QoS/QoE during course of the event ( as well as real time view) from user perspective which can be analyzed and optimized network to offer better services in events and generate higher revenues in mass events.

  • RantCell RTPs (Remote Test Points) can be permanently installed in stadiums, auditoriums, Business events and open areas where recurring events occur to monitor user experience in real time and for post analysis for continuous optimization and improvement on RAN mobile networks.

QoE benchmarking

    Device testing

  • RantCell solution is capable of generating repeated tests on various builds of OEM Android devices, perform stress testing, load testing for voice call services and data services.

  • Benchmark performances of device for various versions of OS software.

  • Battery life testing.

  • User KPIs comparison with older versions or vs new hardware devices.

    Permanent remote monitoring of cell sites with triggers and on demand testing

  • RantCell RTPs(Remote Test Points) allow operators to have a permanent setup to monitor QoE and get notifications on outages.

  • Monitor high traffic cell sites such as in busy rail stations, with RTPs and get notifications on degraded services or outages.

  • Monitor rural cell sites with RTP, perform remote tests on cell sites on demand basis and avoid unnecessary visit to rural sites. For example cell site software upgrades or optimisation requires post service validation by performing test calls, in such cases RantCell solution provides an option to initiate test calls on remotely located smart phones in RTP.

  • Monitor Enterprise and VIP sites, including small cell solutions deployment for QoE.

Cell site remote monitoring

    RAN to IMS lab testing and automation

  • 20-30% testing time resource effort reduction.

  • Supports Test automation on LAB RAN network setup (2G,3G,4G and VoLTE).

  • Perform load testing with up to 100 real devices under single cell.

  • Automation to validate regression testing from RAN to IMS networks to validate call flows.

  • Mobility tests automation.

  • Remote regression testing for offshore team.

RAN to IMS lab testing and automation

    Offshore RAN testing and monitoring

  • 30% cost saving by offshoring.

  • RantCell cloud based solution provides access to monitor your network for offshore team to monitor QoE and QoS.

  • Enables offshore team to perform on demand tests and service validation testing for voice, data, SMS and HTTP traffic on onshore cell base stations.

  • Co-ordinated drive testing and reporting.

Offshore RAN testing and monitoring

    Social media KPIs

  • Facebook login times and home page load time calculation.

  • YouTube video streaming, stream status and buffer length.

  • Messaging apps testing like Twitter, Instagram user experience measurements.

IoT testing

    2G, 3G and 4G Cell radius measurements

  • Measure accurate cell radius vs planned cell radius of base station in 2G, 3G and 4G measured in meters.

  • Perform analysis and mobile network optimization.

  • Determine data rates in busy and non-busy hours.

Cell radius measurements

    Maritime connected mobile services

  • Benchmark 4G/WiFi services provided on board ships connected via satellite backhaul or onshore cell coverage.

  • Get real time view of user experience on dashboard from multiple fleet of ships.

Benchmark 4G/ Wi-Fi services on maritime

    Aviation on board mobile services

  • Benchmark 4G/Wi-Fi services for passenger on board aircraft connected via satellite backhaul and ground network.

  • Get real time view of user experience from multiple fleet of aircrafts.

Aviation on board mobile services

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