RF Drive test tool to optimize mobile network - Network survey for QoS and QoE measurement

  • Convert any Android smartphone to RF drive test tool on mobile networks and generate detailed data points through Google map. This map displays information about 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G RF drive test parameters from end user perspective.

  • Measure user KPIs for LTE data, voice calls, video streaming, CSFB, and VoLTE services along with network coverage with cellular base station information with accurate location.

  • Perform post drive test analysis using web-based interactive Google maps UI and optimize cellular network by identifying poor QoE areas.

  • Supports Big data processing, Crowd source drive test data from more than 1000+ Android terminal on RantCell Enterprise solution.

    Cell tower QoE Monitoring for VIP customers (High ARPU customers)

  • Our solution allows operators to have a permanent setup of Remote test Points (RTP) to monitor QoE/QoS and get alarm notifications of VIP or high ARPU customer locations.

  • Cell tower QoE Monitoring and Cell tower outage of high ARPU customer locations. For example, small cells, Cloud RAN or DAS that are providing indoor coverage to multi-storey buildings, warehouses, shopping malls. This can be achieved by setting up RTP (Remote test points) and get real-time notifications when voice and data services degrades.

  • Monitor rural cell towers with RTPs, perform on demand remote tests with our cell site solutions which save costs and time on field visits.

  • For example, cell tower software upgrades or optimization requires post service validation by performing test calls. In such cases, RantCell solution provides an option to initiate test calls on remotely located smart phones in RTP.

  • Monitor enterprise and VIP sites, including small cell solutions deployment for QoE.

  • RantCell solution supports more than 1000+ customer locations simultaneously.

Rantcell cell tower qoe monitoring

    Identify Quality of Experience (QoE) issues on 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, 5G and CDMA mobile networks

  • Transform any android smartphone into mobile network testing tools to identify primary user experience (QoE) issues such as zones with no network coverage, dropped calls, low data speeds, poor video user experience and high latency etc.

  • Perform voice call, SMS, upload and download speed tests, ping, HTTP, cell availability, video streaming tests using RantCell app and get KPIs reports. For example, 4G LTE speed test, VoLTE test, CSFB, SRVCC KPIs for data sheet on KPIs and network parameters measured.

  • Get larger foot print of cellular network with mass deployment of RantCell app and perform post analysis through web-based dashboard with rich graphical presentations and mobile network QoE maps along with coverage map.

mobile network test

    Monitor QoE/QoS mobile networks during special events

  • Poor QoS/QoE KPIs or mobile network congestion during crowded events means that large number of users are unable to access to data or voice services. This in turn leads to revenue loss to mobile carriers as airtime and data are not consumed.

  • QoE monitoring of mobile networks using mobile network monitoring software during crowded or special events. RantCell RTPs (Remote Test Points) can be permanently installed in stadiums, auditoriums, business events locations and open areas where recurring events occur to monitor user experience in real-time and optimize mobile network.

  • Initiate scheduled periodic tests to get histogram data of QoE for voice and data per operator during special events.

  • Optimize network based on QoS/QoE data and generate higher revenues during mass events by improving voice and data services on mobile carriers.

mobile network congestion

    RAN network Cell site survey

  • Perform cell site survey on GSM, WCDMA, LTE radio access network using RantCell App.

  • Cell coverage analysis - Measure Cell coverage covered by cell site per sector (Cell radius) by walk test or drive test and visualize data on Google maps.

  • Capture RF parameters like RSSI, RSCP, RSRQ and RSRP.

  • Capture RSSI, RSCP, RSRQ, RSRP RF parameters.

  • Generate VoLTE test calls per sector and measure call setup success rate KPI.

  • Mobility- Intra/Inter/IRAT handover between cells of the sites/carriers.

  • Measure coverage provided each cell site sector in meters and visualize coverage on Google maps.

  • Data throughput tests to measure if the new cell site is not delivering expected throughput to users.

  • Survey can be conducted using band locking for multi carrier sites.

Rantcell cell tower qoe monitoring

    Coverage map comparison between carriers

  • Survey multiple mobile network carriers and generate automated carrier coverage map with comparison reports to identify the best network with QoE within the specified geographic area by coverage map comparison.

  • For example: business parks, busy shopping area, town or service on busy commuting rail or other transport routes etc.

  • Visualize mobile network coverage maps such as 4G LTE comparison maps, 4G LTE speed test etc. between multiple carriers.

carrier coverage comparison

    Enable “Help your Self” service to raise mobile network QoS/QoE complaints by your customers and significantly reduce churn and field visit costs

  • Provide self-service styled resolution to mobile network customer complaints, capture QoS/QoE data related information remotely from end user device by user initiated active test. The solution is available as a stand-alone complaint app or as an SDK to integrate with existing operator apps which can be distributed to customer base.

  • Analyse QoS/QoE data and perform RCA.

  • Diagnose issue by optimizing mobile network and perform user initiated or remotely triggered post-tests to ensure fix by active mobile network testing.

  • Significantly reduce customer churn and reduce customer site visits by 60% and strategize site visits.


    Cell tower signal and Cell tower range measurement

  • Measure accurate cell tower range vs planned cell tower range.

  • Visualize data on Google maps and measure cell tower signal range.

  • Perform mobile network analysis. For example: 4G cell tower range, 3G BTS site.

  • Mobile network optimization.

  • Identify coverage overshoot and interference RF drive test.


    RAN network to IMS lab testing and automation

  • 20-30% testing time resource effort reduction in mobile operator and vendor labs.

  • Supports test automation on LAB RAN network setup (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and VoLTE).

  • Perform network load testing with up to 100 real devices under single cell.

  • Automation to validate regression testing from RAN to IMS networks to validate call flows.

  • Mobility tests automation.

  • Remote regression testing for offshore team.

  • Custom solutions are available to our enterprise customers to improve testing efficiency and reduce testing costs.

RAN to IMS lab testing and automation

    Offshore RAN network testing and network QoS/QoE monitoring

  • 30% cost saving by offshoring.

  • The offshore team can perform QoS / QoE monitoring in real-time with our mobile network monitoring software.

  • Enables offshore team to perform on demand tests and service validation testing for voice calls, data, SMS and HTTP traffic on onshore cell base stations.

  • Co-ordinated 2G, 3G, GSM, 4G LTE, 5G drive testing using drive test parameters and reporting.

  • Custom automation solutions available to address specific use cases. Contact us for more information.

Ran Network QoE monitoring

    Maritime connected mobile network benchmark tool

  • Mobile network benchmark 3G/4G/5G/Wi-Fi services provided on board ships connected via satellite backhaul or onshore cell coverage.

  • Get real-time view of user experience on dashboard from multiple fleet of ships.

  • Get real-time alerts from whenever mobile network performance KPI's degrade from each ship. For example: call setup failure, drop calls or data throughputs goes below certain thresholds.

  • Scalable solution to monitor in excess of 200+ ships.

mobile network benchmark on ships

    Aviation on board mobile network benchmark tool

  • Mobile network benchmark 4G/5G/Wi-Fi services for passenger on boarded aircraft connected via satellite backhaul and ground network.

  • Get real-time view of user experience from multiple fleet of aircrafts.

  • Get real-time view of user experience on dashboard from multiple fleet of Aircrafts.

  • Get real-time alerts from whenever voice and data service degrade from each ship. For example: call setup failure, dropped calls or data throughputs goes below certain thresholds.

mobile network benchmark on aircraft

    Mobile device testing

  • Perform repeated mobile device tests on various builds of OEM Android devices such as stress testing, load testing for voice call services, video and data services for 24/7.

  • Benchmark performances of device for various versions of OS software.

  • Battery life testing.

  • User KPI's comparison with older and newer versions of hardware devices.

  • Check out the RantCell supporting devices.

mobile device tests

    Social media KPIs

  • Facebook login times and home page load time calculation.

  • YouTube video streaming, stream status and buffer length.

  • Messaging apps testing like Twitter and Instagram user experience measurements.

Social media KPI

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