New ways to build QoE data for Telecom Regulators


Problems faced by telecom regulators

  • Telecom regulators must rely on operators to provide performance data of their network. 

  • Often simulated coverage reports provided by mobile operators being used to assess their mobile coverage might not reflect actual real coverage and user QoE. 

  • Performing drive testing, for example, 4G LTE drive test in a wider geographical area such as national level network coverage for every operator in the nation is impractical as it requires huge investment in tools and skilled professionals. 

  • Traditional RF drive testing probes are not scalable due to higher licensing costs, plus demands higher skilled personnel to operate.  

  • Traditional RF measurements needs post processing tool investments and often requires hardware upgrades, maintenance and licensing costs.

  • Expensive OSS solutions and maintenance costs are involved in processing of network performance KPI’s gained from every operator as it requires complex integration. 

How our solution can help regulators overcome their challenges?

RantCell Crowdmetrix solution is a cloud-based crowdsourcing mobile platform that allows regulators to upgrade their supervision & monitoring capabilities and less reliance on operator data. A measuring app that can be installed on smart phones of end users’ or staff to collect QoE of mobile network from devices and assess the network coverage map and quality of service while maintaining the user’s privacy.

Architecture of RantCell Crowdsourcing solution 


Benefits of crowdsourcing platform for telecom regulators

  • Significantly reduce investments on customer satisfaction surveys, RFPs by receiving their feedback from crowdsourcing data via our crowdsourcing mobile testing solution.

  • Less reliance on data from operators as the solution enables to monitor their multi operator performance and build geographical QoE maps such as coverage, RAN technology etc. 

  • Regulators can benchmark carrier’s performance data with their own user experience crowdsource performance data reports generated from the crowdsourcing platform. 

  • Mass deployment of app or SDK to huge population assists in building network coverage map footprints based on actual measurement received from end-user devices thereby reducing dependency on coverage prediction tools and saving equipment costs.  

  • National level (rural and urban locations) performance check of operators to evaluate which one is performing better in terms of data and voice both.

  • Reduces operational costs by crowdsourcing testing over wider geographical area. Strategies RF drive testing on the locations dealing with any problems or complaints.

  • Cut business costs with the assessment of crowdsourced data from multiple users via RantCell solution instead of assigning limited number of engineers to perform drive testing. This overall increases efficiency as the valuable output gained from crowdsourced data is more than by performing traditional drive testing.

  • Expansion of geographical reach for measuring a wider area in a short span of time.

  • Enforces mobile network carriers to enhance network services and continuous monitoring.

  • Allows mobile consumers to register mobile network complaint along with network logs.

  • RantCell solution is cloud-based and here are the benefits of cloud-based solution:

    • Quick deployment which generally takes only 2 weeks instead of 8 weeks compared to deployment with traditional physical server methods.

    • Scalability as its capacity can be easily increased according to business needs without additional investment in physical infrastructure.

    • No extra purchase of hardware, operating systems, server which means no further investment in installation and maintenance of hardware.

    • Implementation of strict security measures such as authentication, access control and data encryption to support protection with limited access to confidential information of cloud data stored in server.

    • Cloud storage enables worldwide access which means teams can collaborate and assess performance data irrespective of locations they are placed.

    • Our solution is 100% Cloud web-based dashboard for analysis and report generation which means does not require additional software on PC or laptops.

RantCell Crowd Metrix Solution 

RantCell Crowd Metrix Solution has three types of measurement data source and solution is flexible for combine all strategy or just one.


How does our crowdsourcing testing solution reduce time efforts? 

  • There is no need for post-processing with this solution. Data gets uploaded in real-time.  Hence log collections and post processing efforts are completely removed.

  • Traditionally, engineers have to upload performance data (usually in Gbps) to server and requires good internet speed. Such data are in huge amount and generally takes 1-2 days to get uploaded to server by the time it can be accessed to generate reports. Moreover, conducting a drive testing in a selected area can take few months with limited drive test hours in a day. 

  • RantCell solution installed on end-user's device can accelerate data accumulation from a wider area and can be completed in less than a month generating automated reports and reducing time efforts.    

How can you improve efficiency with RantCell  crowdsourcing mobile testing solution? 

  • This application is developed in such a way that it can measure a larger geographical in square area without human intervention and minimize field visits when compared to traditional drive testing that requires human to perform the test. 

  • With RantCell crowdsourcing mobile testing solution, data can be collected easily by covering a larger geographical area thereby saving overall costs that include equipment costs, labor costs and fuel costs. 

20 RF Drive Test Field Engineers VS 100 RantCell Lite App Users 

  • In traditional way, assigning a team of engineers to perform drive testing and collect data with traditional tools is time consuming and expensive with fuel costs as an add-on expenditure, plus all of the engineers require specialized tools.

  • Our 24/7 background measurement feature enables bulk of measurement data and is processed in an automated way with no manual effort.

  • time-graph
  • Above graph is showing volume of QoE measurement done by RantCell crowd metrix vs Traditional drive testing over 3 months period (We have assumed each RantCell Lite app user measures 1 square km a day based on their routing daily movements).

  • area-covered
  • Above graph shows 20 traditional drive test engineer’s measured area in SQ km vs 100 RantCell Lite app users with zero operational costs.

 Deployment strategies  for Crowdsourcing mobile testing

  • Partnering with public transport, taxi companies etc. to reach out to wider geographical area measurement in major cities and significantly increase daily geographical area measurement capabilities. For example,  RantCell app is installed on Android phones costing around $85.00 and embedded on Taxi Light to perform drive testing while driving and background measurement. 

  • taxi-light
  • Deploying app in play store. 

  • Rebranding apps to regulators brand. 

  • Providing incentives to users to attract downloads. 

  • Reaching out to student communities to offer free data packs or subscription packages for video streaming applications like NetFlix, WhatsApp and YouTube data free allowances to students who install RantCell app on their phones. 

  • student-offer
  • Creating SMS campaigns with direct link to app download and encouraging people consumers to register complain if they are facing network issues by the current provider.

  • sms-marketing
  • Using the power of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. to create awareness and motivate them to download app.