Why to perform drive testing and what are the types of drive testing in mobile network?

  • Transform any Android smartphone into mobile network testing tools to identify primary user experience (QoE) issues such as zones with no network coverage, dropped calls, low data speeds, poor video user experience and high latency etc.

  • Perform Voice call, SMS, upload and download speed tests, HTTP, cell availability, video streaming using RantCell app and get KPIs reports. For example; 4G LTE speed test, VoLTE test, CSFB, SRVCC KPIs. For data sheet on KPIs and Network parameters measured.

  • Get larger foot print of cellular network with mass deployment of RantCell app and perform post analysis through web-based dashboard with rich graphical and mobile network QoE Maps mobile network coverage map.

types of rf drive test for mobile network optimization
  • Voice and Data services are the basic service for any carriers in the mobile network so drive test is the best possible solution in the telecom industry in order to collect signal strength, mobile network latency of the network.

  • Drive test is conducted for checking coverage and quality of the cellular network signal, mobile network latency, voice/data services, user QoE and check the performance of the mobile network using RF Drive test tools. There are 3 types of drive tests which are Site level, Cluster Level and Market level.

    SSV or SCFT drive test

  • Single cell functionality test or single site verification that is static test which collect each sector information of the cell site in terms of coverage and quality parameters depends upon the technology in the cellular mobile network.

    Dynamic drive test

  • Dynamic drive test means moving around the site and collects the network information of the cell site in terms of coverage and quality and also perform Short calls and long calls in order to check the network strength, stability of the network, Handover between the cell sites, voice and data quality of the mobile network, continues test and non-stop continuous test, scheduled test etc.

    MSV or Cluster drive test

  • Multiple site verification or Cluster drive which collects the multiple sites of mobile network signal, network strength to enhance the QOE in cellular networks in terms of voice and data service on the mobile network which measures 4G LTE drive test radio parameters like RSRP, RSRQ, SINR, PCI, EARFCN and WCDMA drive test parameters like RSCP, RSSI, Ec/Io, PSC, UARFCN etc.

  • Cluster pre and post drive for 2g 3g 4g drive test parameter under voice and data services and conduct drive test for ARPU costumer complaints based on network usage for cost optimisation techniques in telecom.

  • Generate cluster drive-based report on daily basis or hourly basis as per the client requirement for QoE monitoring.

  • Conduct cluster drive for all kind of tests like Ping test, call test, speed test, HTTP test, SMS test and Stream test and analyse the drive data for QoE monitoring.

    Mobile network optimisation

  • Minimise the call drop and interference in the network and increase the indoor and outdoor network coverage of signal strength.

  • Mobile Network optimisation of wireless network includes network performance indicator monitoring, periodic test, Latency in mobile network, Handover between cell sites, voice and data call analysis.

    Drive test solution should include:

  • Validation of new site surveys and approval for operational readiness.

  • User QoE Benchmarking large geographical area pre and post optimisation.

  • KPI Monitoring, KPI improvement analysis, QoE monitoring, cost optimisation techniques in telecom and real time data analysis.

  • Solution should support to monitoring QoE permanently for High ARPU Customer to enhance the Quality of experience on mobile network. Real time monitoring with threshold alarms when service degrade.

  • Real time upload of data and web-based drive test data analysis, network QoS monitoring and network optimisation.